Choosing Marijampole College for our Erasmus internship was the best decision we’ve ever make. Our country, Turkey, is different from Lithuania in a lot of aspects. So, before we came here we thought adaptation would be hard. But everyone was so kind and friendly. People are very eager to help even if they can’t speak English.

Marijampole is a very beautiful and small town. We can go everywhere on foot. Nature is very amazing in here. We love to take long and peaceful walks in Poetry Park.

Our mentor in Marijampole College arranged many meetings for us, so we met people who works on our study field. First, we went to municipality’s law department. We met a lawyer who gives free legal advice to people. We learnt about their mediation system, we compared it to ours.

Next day, we visited Police Department. We learnt about the procedure and they showed us their daily work. We met a criminologist. It was very useful for us because we’re interested in criminology. She told us how she became a criminologist and gave information about the most common crimes in here. Then they showed us their working methods and things they use for their researches: footprints, fingerprints, microscopes and police cars. We left our fingerprints for memory.

Another day we went to Vilnius for visit European Consumer Centre. They showed us detailed presentations about consumer’s right and how they solve consumer’s problems. We also went to Procecutor’s Office. We learnt about their judicial system and we told them about ours. We saw a room where they keep their old things. It was like a little museum. There were old typewriters, procecutor’s uniform and photos of all the prosecutors they had in the past.

All of those visits were very important experiences for us. We had the chance for improving our English. We even learn a few Lithuanian words too.

We’ll be here for three months but we already wish it was longer. Being here as an Erasmus intern is a precious academical and cultural experience.



Burcu Arsakay and Caglayan Goksu,

Erasmus trainees