Choosing Lithuania for Erasmus Internship was a great decision for me. Last year I decided to do the internship in Europe.  During my studies at university, I had some opportunities to do internship. It was Erasmus exchange programme. My university has an agreement and friendship with Marıjampoles kolegija. My Lithuania story started on 10’th of September, and It will continue until May.

Marijampole is the very beautiful small city. Nature is incredible here.  Everywhere green. We can go everywhere on foot. Life is not much expensive here.

I do my internship in the Erasmus office.  I met everyone working at the university, they are very politly and hospitality. We meet in the breaks and drink tea-coffee and we are talking to each other. My work to help Erasmus institutional coordinator in work with incoming student and lecturers, organize meetings, reply to some e-mails. I also do photography at university and festivals.  I am satisfied with my work.

I have been started learning Lithuanian language. I really want to learn Lithuanian language because I will stay here for 8 months.  Speaking Russian is very useful for me. Because not everyone speaks Englishin Marijampole. Teens can speak English well. Many older people can speak Russian.  During my internship, I will improve my foreign languages. If I learn the Lithuanian language, I will hope to be able speak in total 5 languages.



Last week university organized a trip to Vilnius. We visited some museums and the Parliament building. When we were in Parliament building our guide talked about politic systems of the country. During the Parliament trip, she shown us many different rooms, the trip was perfect. We saw old valuable items in the museum. All of them were incredible. Another day I came to Vilnius again with my friends, and we went to Old Town. The building’s structures amazing. We traveled Vilnius by foot and we saw many touristic places. We spent a great time in Vilnius.

I hope, during my internship for 8 months I will improve myself, learn many things about Lithuania. I am very happy to arrive in Lithuania.

Suleyman Akmyradov