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To be eligible to enrol in any study programme at Marijampoles Kolegija (MK)/ Marijampole University of Applied Sciences as an international student, you must have sufficient education, i.e. twelve years secondary or equivalent education, if it is in any other country than Lithuania, and have sufficient level of language knowledge (English or Lithuanian).

2 options to choose

Here you can compete for state funded studies (for LT citizens, permanent LT residents and EEA citizens).

Holders of foreign qualifications can be accepted to the state-funded study places in Lithuanian higher education institutions or claim for scholarships in accordance with the procedures established by the applicable legislation in cases when:

-They are citizens of the Republic of Lithuania or other member countries of the European Union (EU) -or European Economic Area (EEA) ;

-They are non-EU and non-EEA nationals granted a right of permanent residence in the Republic of Lithuania or they are stateless persons;

-They are children, grandchildren and great-grandchildren of the Diaspora and people of Lithuanian origin (further – the Diaspora and people of Lithuanian origin).

Foreign nationals and stateless persons who do not meet the required criteria are accepted to study at higher education institutions with their own funds by taking part in the competition.

The procedures for the competition to the state-funded study places for foreign qualification holders are approved by the Order of the Minister of Education and Science of the Republic of Lithuania No. V-992  “On the approval of the description of the procedures for the competition of foreign qualification holders to the state-funded study places” of 15 June 2012.)

To apply to Marijampoles University of Applied Sciences (MK), please contact International Unit of the University: .

For undergraduate studies there are no entrance exams. The students have to pay the tuition fee.


In order to apply to Marijampole University of Applied Sciences you have to:

  • Assess your language and education level;

Appropriate language certificate must be provided/or language test taken.

  • Estimate all costs related to study in Lithuania (tuition and application costs, accommodation and subsistence, travel costs);

Application fee EUR 160; Tuition fee 1990 EUR/year; Subsistence costs in Lithuania min. EUR 200/month Student health insurance. 

  1. Evaluate desired career perspectives and choose the appropriate study programme;
  2. Fill in Application Form and collect other required documents for application submission.


  1. Application Form;
  2. Legalized Matriculation/ School Leaving Certificate including the grades or its notarized copy with the Transcript  of Grades attached ( all such documents must be in English or legally translated into English);
  3. Motivation Letter;
  4. Passport copy (notarized);
  5. 2 passport – type photographs, size 3 cm x 4cm;
  6. Non-refundable Application fee in the amount  of 160 Euros paid in cash or draft check;
  7. Financial guarantee documents (bank statement and the Affidavit to cover student’s expenses while studying and living in Lithuania) – originals, notarised and legalised according to international law;
  8. Confirmation from Bank that the Applicant has paid tuition fee in advance for one academic year. Tuition fee should be paid when the applicant receives confirmation from M K University of Applied Sciences about validity of the above mentioned documents together with the amounts of the registration fee, a 6-month accommodation in a students’ hostel (if applicable)  and an annual medical insurance of a student in Lithuania;
  9. A health certificate – for the candidate issued no longer than a month prior the date of application.

All documents must be in English or  if translated have Notary‘s verification.

Do not forget to legalise your educational (the copies) and other documents.

More information about legalisation/Apostille. Click here

The bank statement and the Affidavit must be original and submitted to the embassy. Copy of the bank statement and the Affidavit must be sent to Marijampolės Kolegija/ University of Applied Sciences.

Form more information, please contact Department of International Studies and Relations

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