“As a student of Marijampole College I have had an awesome period of my life. Both the University and the city perfectly fit every need that a higher education pursuant can have. The study programmes are quite diverse and each of the syllabi boasts a peculiar combination of subjects, which had made me consider for a while what programme here would I prefer the most. So far, and I am writing it almost at the end of third academic year, the entire study period has been absolutely fascinating: the curriculum is immensely interesting and applicable in real life, the professors are well versed not only in their scientific field but also in the ways of imparting knowledge to students, and incorporate various educational methodologies during lectures, which besides rendering the studies extra interest also makes them more effective. And, even when homework projects are given it does not take long to complete them to an extent as good as you want, so once the study week, or the lectures for the day are over you have plenty of free time.

The city of Marijampole is amazing. It is not excessively large, which makes it ideal for people who enjoy peaceful and serene timespending in a clean and relatively quiet place. It has nearly all the facilities one may crave for recreation, be it a simple evening in cinema, regular exercises in one of its gyms, swimming pool, spa procedures or even more adventurous activities. Plus, the city is located approximately 40-60 minutes away from Kaunas, if one feels like going to a crowded tumultuous environment for some time. Speaking of the environment, the adaptation period here is pretty fast, the people are warm, friendly with and helpful to foreigners. Naturally, if person feels somewhat uncertain about something or needs some assistance they gladly lend a hand, so to speak, or even two. Learning a bit of Lithuanian language is enormously helpful, even though almost all shops or organization have at least one person who is conversant in English, it saves some time and provides a deeper understanding of culture, and although it is widely considered one of the most difficult languages, its phonetic nature, Latin-based alphabet, and long words makes it actually fairly easy to understand and learn the essentials necessary for communication.

During the three-year time span I have met quite a number of people all over Lithuania, salesmen, IT specialist, politicians and so on, many of whom graduated Marijampole college, and seeing how they are proficient in their domain and emotionally intelligent too reinforced my certainty that I had made the right choice while opting for Marijampole College. I could add innumerable other aspects of studies that have been delightful. Overall, the years of pleasant educational endeavours in Marijampole are truly marvellous, it has been a great investment of my time in education, cultural learning and personal development as well.”


Demetrio Silnitstsyno “The suit man”