Since when I came to Marijampole I encountered with good stories. I’ve been in Lithuania for 3 months, I will stay here for 5 more months. University organized trips, language course for Erasmus students. We had lessons three days a week. For a one-half month, we have been learning Lithuanian language. It was very helpful for me. Now I can communicate with locals in the Lithuanian language with basic words. During the lessons we did not just learn language, our teacher told about the country’s history. Our teacher organized a folk dances lessons for one month. During it we learned several Lithuanian national dances. It was not easy, but now we know how to dance.

Last week we danced for the the audience at the college. It was my first dance in from of the audience. We made few little mistakes but the dance was nice. At this event, Lithuanian students sang songs, played traditional musical instruments and we played some games. At the end of event we drank tea and coffee and tried the local sweets (it is my favorite part of the program😊). I am very glad I came to Lithuania. I am enjoying my time in here.


Suleyman Akmyradov

Erasmus intern