Check here some of our past students and their present life!

ARŪNAS ČMUKAS - Agriculture

Since my childhood I knew- agriculture is my avocation! When the time came to choose where to study, Marijampolės Kolegija was my option No.1 because at that time this college was known for its strongest student- focused programmes.

I think this tradition is very historical; it goes back to pre-war High school of Agriculture which was a strongest institution in Lithuania. I graduated from the Faculty of Technologies in 2008. Cum laude, naturally! My professional career led me through various positions, related to the sphere of activity of agriculture- starting from work in my native agricultural company, master studies at Lithuanian University of Agriculture, joint stock company “Šiaulių Regiono Veislinikystė”.

In 2011 I took the challenge and started working as director at JSC “Marijampolės regionono veislininkystė”- a company, which was in dire straits at that time. I don’t regret my chose, and I am proud that we managed to put the company back on feet again.

“And all of this- I can proudly admit- is also due to my strong basis, which I received at Marijampolės Kolegija”


I graduated from Marijampole College in 2015, so I still feel like it was yesterday. My programme was social work and I graduated with a bachelor in social sciences. I found a job in Caritas Fund programme “Aid for the Victims of Prostitution and Human Trafficking”, where I can realize not only the skills and competencies I acquired in the college, but also the theory.

I am thankful to my teachers for the strong theoretical background they laid for my profession and how I feel at work today. Of course ever day life brings different situations and different people with their stories, but thanks to my extensive training, I know how to deal with most of them, and if I need some extras, I know where I can get the necessary knowledge. And not only that- I know that I can always get support and assistance from my professors, I know that I am always welcome there.

“I also advise present students and my co-citizens to get more involved in volunteering. Being a responsible citizen is not only a duty. It also brings huge self- satisfaction. Because there is nothing better and more rewarding than helping someone in need.”


asdaI graduated from Marijampole College in 2011, and I have the warmest feelings for my university. My choice was social work and I know I made it right. Maybe because I am a sensitive and empathic person, I love to work with people who need some assistance. For me studying in a HE institution while living in my hometown was a privilege.

Moreover, – after graduation I stayed to work in the College for two more years, which inspired me to go deeper into my professional sphere, so I entered Kaunas Vytautas Magnus University for MA studies in social work. Acquiring more academic knowledge of my profession helped me to find the right place to work. I am happy working at a foster home for mentally disabled people, where I can fulfil my potential and personal ideals. In addition, I was elected vice-president of the Association of Social workers, and I know I can reach for more, develop my personal qualification and pursue my goals.

“I am sure- it is Marijampole College that gave me the strong wings to fly!”

AUŠRINĖ PAUKŠTYTĖ - Tourism Management

Hi! I am Aušrinė Paukštytė, a graduate from Marijampole University of AppliAusra's picture - Copyed Sciences, where I studied bachelor degree in tourism management. At the moment, I live and work in Job Trust agency in Thessaloniki, known also as the Northern capital of Greece. I love my life here, I love the sun and the sea, and I love to travel, for which my present career gives a lot of opportunities.

The agency organizes placements and apprenticeships for students from all over Europe, coming to work in many chain hotels and restaurants in the Greek mainland and islands’ resorts. I just love my job! And of course I can’t forget that I started here as an apprentice myself, doing my work placement as a student of Marijampole University of Applied sciences. I started from a 3 month placement in Crete Island, which is a wonderful opportunity- you get a grant for what you do, learn and get a salary! After that I went to work in Greece for the next three summers in line and here I am!

I want to encourage all students from my university- just grab the opportunity Erasmus+ programme offers you, and you can start a wonderful career.

“Many thanks to my Alma Mater- Marijampole University of Applied sciences for my new horizons. If not for this university and later the possibly of a work placement abroad, I wouldn’t be able to enjoy the wonderful life in the sunny and colorful Greece!”