On April 20th, Marijampole college society have gathered for an event „Darom“.

College employees, lecturers and students helped around the environment in college territory. Since every year we work hard on keeping our environment clean, this year there was not much to work on. We mostly managed to clean up the park of wooden scrap and other waste. Now the environment looks a lot more appealing to the eye. Most importantly, that it was fun and everyone had a good time.


Redactor: Saimonas Padimanskis


On April 24th, Marijampole college society and the students from various study programs, also former college students have gathered for one goal – planting oaks. We have planted young oaks all over the park of Kvietiskis. At the end of the ceremony, everyone enjoyed hot coffee, in the meantime the songs of national art group “Suduonele” echoed in the park. The manager of the farm service was happy to organize this marvellous event – Kvietiskis park now has 31 oaks.


“For everything to grow and bloom”

Redactor: Gintaras Dulinskas