With National visa, you will be granted entry into Lithuania and you will be permitted to remain in the country for longer than three months. A National visa may be single entry or multiple entries and will be issued for a period not exceeding one year.

A National visa for a single entry (D) is issued to a foreign national who has been granted a temporary residence permit in the Republic of Lithuania.

A National visa for a multiple entry (D) is issued if:

  • you are a foreign national (non-EU) student arriving in the Republic of Lithuania for studies according to international student exchange programmes or the student exchange programmes drawn up by a Higher Education institution operating in the Republic of Lithuania and a foreign Higher Education institution.
  • you are a foreign national (non-EU) student admitted to study at a Higher Education institution registered and operating in the Republic of Lithuania.

In order to obtain a national visa, a student must provide these documents:

  1. a valid travel document, whose period of validity must be at least three months longer than the period of validity of a Schengen visa requested to be issued. It must contain at least two empty pages and must be issued within the past ten years;
  2. a completed application of the established form for the issuance of a national visa, which you can find here (Prašymų išduoti / pakeisti leidimą laikinai gyventi Lietuvos Respublikoje formos);
  3. one 35 x 45 colour photo corresponding the person’s age;
  4. a valid document confirming possession of medical insurance for an amount of 5792,40 Eur;
  5. a document certifying that (s)he is in possession of adequate means of subsistence and (or) receive regular income to survive in the Republic of Lithuania and has enough resources to return to the country of origin or foreign country to which he has a right to travel. A sufficient level of subsistence funds for a foreign student and for a minor foreign national it amounts to 0.5 of the minimum monthly wage for one month. A sufficient level of return funds amounts to 1 minimum monthly wage. These documents should be translated into Lithuanian or another language specified by a civil servant of the visa service;
  6. an application by the inviting establishment, undertaking or organisation of the Republic of Lithuania for the issuance of a multiple entry national visa. This application is addressed to a visa office which the alien is going to apply to for the issuance of the visa.
  7. a mediation letter issued by Marijampoles kolegija/University of Applied Sceinces.

This visa is usually issued in 15 days, unless additional consultations or meetings are required.