Study program titleBusiness English and Communication
Study program state code6531NX004
Study program code according to the International Standard Classification of Education (ISCED)6550231
Study areaHumanitarian sciences
Field of studyLanguage Studies
Branch of study fieldBusiness language
Area of educationLanguages
Education subdivisionLanguage Studies
Type of studyCollege
Type of study programThree-cycle system studies
Study cycleFirst cycle
Study program languageLithuanian, English
Qualification grantedProfessional Bachelor of Humanitarian sciences
Qualification degree attributesQualification degree in the main field
Title and code of diploma (certificate)Professional Bachelor 6618
Minimum education requiredMiddle
Study volume in credits and form (duration in years)180 ECTS, full-time studies – 3 years, part-time studies – 4 years.
Institution, code, website addressMarijampolė College, 211967140,
Place of study programP. Armino St. 92-4, 68125 Marijampolė
Institution carrying out the evaluation, yearCenter for Quality Assessment in Higher Education, 2014
Accrediting body, term of accreditationCenter for Quality Assessment in Higher Education, 2018-06-17
Accreditation Order09/09/2014 No.SV6-53
Lithuanian Qualifications Framework LevelVI
European Qualifications Framework level6
Code of study program financial group2.3
Price2500 Eur / 1 year

General description

Aim (s) of the  study program: The aim of the study program is to develop a specialist who is able to communicate fluently in English in various business situations, to prepare business papers in English and Lithuanian, to refer and mediate between business and foreign clients in solving business problems, to communicate and cooperate with business partners and colleagues in Lithuania and abroad, to develop the need for continuous learning and development.



Study results:

  • Will be fluent in business English in a spoken and written form.
  • Will exhibit written communication knowledge in English and Lithuanian for business purposes.
  • Will be familiar with the document preparation methodology and will be able to convey information in a concise manner.
  • Will apply general translation patterns, have knowledge about the meanings of lexical and grammatical transformations.
  • Will have the knowledge and skills to properly represent the business locally and internationally, effectively contribute to the organization and coordination of the business.
  • Will communicate in a second foreign language in speaking and in writing.
  • Will be able to apply the synthesis of the most advanced branches of scientific management, business and philology in practice.
  • Will communicate and cooperate with other business institutions, colleagues, clients.
  • Will prepare, formalize and organize document management in accordance with the standards of the Republic of Lithuania and the European Union.
  • Will be familiar with the basic concepts of business organization forms and major economic phenomena.
  • Will integrate business and English knowledge within the organization.
  • Intermediate using English withing the business sector.
  • Will understand the principles of work ethics when applying them in professional practice.
  • Organize your activities with a sense of responsibility for professional development.
  • Collect and analyze the results needed to implement and improve professional innovation.

Teaching and learning activities:

Lectures, exercises, independent work, scientific literature and analysis, seminars, colloquiums, exams, defense of final thesis.

Methods of evaluating study results:

A ten-point cumulative assessment system is used to assess knowledge and skills (cumulative assessment). The results of study programs and modules are evaluated during the semester by the use of intermediate tests (written assignments, tests, projects, oral and defended oral reports, essays, tests, practical assignments, submitted assignments, etc.). The final grade consists of intermediate tests and examination marks.

Chair of the Study Program Committee Odeta Gluoksnyte Lecturer, tel. 8-688-288-40, Email


Study subjects (modules), practice:

Analytical Information Systems, Human Safety, Language Culture and Specialty Language, History of Lithuanian Culture, Discourse Basics, Business Law, Management and Entrepreneurship, Latin, Organizational Psychology, Research Methodology, Business Writing & Stylistic Text Analysis, English Grammar, Modern English, English-language lexicology, Business English, Intercultural Communication, Innovation and Strategic Solutions, Translation and Interpretation, Leadership and Teamwork, Business Negotiations and Business Ethics, Introduction Practice, Communication and Information Management Practice, Business Language Practice, Translation Practice, all-encompassing practice, Second Foreign Language, Project Management, Social Media, Marketing, Public Relations, Communication theories,

Student Choices:

The student’s elective studies are assigned 9 credits. Students are free to choose electives from the Marijampolė College list of electives or to choose specific subjects at other higher education institutions.

Study program’s distinctive features:
The study program focuses on developing professional competencies, broad key competences, value attitudes based on student-centered learning and the delivery of innovative and creative knowledge and skills.

Any wishing student can study the program abroad: Denmark, Spain, Turkey and other countries. All aspiring students have the opportunity to practice abroad.

Students actively participate in Erasmus Plus programs. Students can get involved in student self-government structures that organize various events, student celebrations and can solve student problems.

Professional activity and further study opportunities

Career opportunities:

After graduation, you can work as a language specialist in business and other companies, continue your studies in various subject language or other philological sciences.

Further study opportunities:

Persons who have acquired a professional bachelor’s degree in the subject language can continue their studies in Lithuanian higher education institutions according to the first and second cycle study programs of the same field of study. Additional studies are provided for college graduates intending to pursue a Master’s degree.